Labor für Gestaltung · Hannover

Take advantage of our vast experience in magazine layout and editorial design.

starts in 2003 as editorial design agency. Founded by Bernhard Lubos, the laboratory is primarily concerned with the design and production of magazines and journals. Here everything takes place which is necessary to hand out an issue to the editor at the end of production, that will satisfy the readers until the last page. It is all about reading and pictures. That's the craft and art at the same time ... What does not keep us from thinking and acting for a project in several design categories. As already expressed in the analogy to a science laboratory, development tasks are tackled for corporate designs, product designs or designs of websites and mobile apps.

This site is an example of the spirit of inquiry that characterizes the Hanoverian laboratory workers. Typography and design elements not off the rack, but under control of the Content Management System. Drawn and programmed for three breaks, monitor, tablet and smartphone version. For the coding of this website CMS specialist Thorsten Lübkemann could be won.
In order to push your projects and awake the media image of your company, the laboratory thinks a lot, works on individual concepts, design clean layouts and publishes in multi-channel. We look forward to your task.

is a graduate designer FH and there are training, experience and projects in corporate design, illustration, product design, interior design, online media and freelance art.
Over the years, he has made his mark as editorial designer and magazine layouter. He was responsible for more than a dozen titles for publishers and companies as employee and freelancer, including magazine projects from one to 51 editions. So he does not only know magazines from reading, but especially from doing.

"Magazine design always lives and still does change - not fast, but about every three years you could fix a new trend. For 2019 I would say, it will be easier again, clearer layout - Do-not-too-much is the motto. Validity is still to be achieved through a smooth running of the text and a sensible choice of markup in the headlines. Illustrations, pictograms, infographics with maps, always welcome - but with moderation and not all at once. "

And in this line they need good designers.